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Empirical Learningworld Research & Higher Education Didactics

The theoretical and also the practical approaches to subjects like development, learning or education are too strongly restricted by the common university division of pedagogical fields of activity (in e.g. further education, social pedagogy etc.). Instead of these functional distinctions, our Learning-World concept is on the one hand based on "structures of the lifeworld" (on a set of pre-conscious orientation structures), but on the other hand it focuses on the process of the concrete individual assimilation of the subjects in social situations.

Learning-Worlds become evident in a double meaning: they are at the same time frames and frameworks in which experiences, with reference to a set of rules, are constructed and evaluated through subjective assignments of meaning, and in which the "appropriation system" itself, as well as the process of stratifying experiences itself, also become analysable.

Our research perspective is based on biographical theory and is oriented towards interpretative-reconstructive methods of empirical social research using qualitative and quantitative data. In the underlying understanding of research, the subject and his or her interpretative capacities in dealing with social realities are at the very centre.

The aim of the research area "Empirical-Learning-World-Research" and "Higher Education Didactics" is to develop theoretically based concepts for the further development of teaching and learning structures. Therefore, the analysis of the social and individual background constructions of teaching and learning processes as well as the concrete practical educational benefits are essential. The term "Learning-World-Research" refers to the tense relationship between pedagogical references and their normative foundations in social space. The research carried out is designed both structurally-statistically and in biography-theoretical contexts.

The research projects on " Learning-World-Research" are fundamentally organised around the idea that a way out of today's political, economic, cultural, social and ecological crises can only be found through learning. The links between the various framework conditions of learning and educational processes play a key role in these processes.

The focus on "Higher Education Didactics" will concentrate on research in the field of higher education and its further interested in the development of application-related service activities. These activities try to support the professionalisation processes of academic teaching and learning from an educational scientific point of view.


Rudolf Egger

Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Phone:+43 316 380 - 2604

Anneliese Pirs (Office)

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2541

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